Quist's Quest For Relevance

- May 2, 2017


Quist Is Looking To Step Out Of Headlining Nude Camp Performances And Into Congress 



· Nude resort performer Rob Quist has an extensive 16 year history of financial debt and legal trouble, debts that were turned over to collections, and he has been sued by a bank for failing to repay a loan.

· Quist has skipped out on paying his Montana state taxes multiple times, was sued by a bandmate for "deceit and fraud" and earned almost $15 in royalties in the year leading up to his candidacy.

· Quist supports abortion, universal healthcare, and forcing Montanans to register "assault rifles."

· Quist claims that he comes from a tradition where hunting is a "way of life," yet he hasn't held a valid hunting or fishing license in at least 16 years.

· Democrats believe Quist, who is down by 15 points in a recent poll, "has a steep hill to climb to win" and so are holding back from investing in Montana.



Quist Has A 16-Year History Of Fiscal Irresponsibility, Ethical Difficulty, And Delinquent Debt

Quist "Has Been Turned Over To Collections, Sued By A Bank After Not Repaying A Loan And Accused Of Fraud And Deceit…" "Flathead County court and property records indicate the popular musician turned politician has been turned over to collections, sued by a bank after not repaying a loan and accused of fraud and deceit by a former member of Mission Mountain Wood Band, the group that vaulted Quist to Montana stardom in the 1970s." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-Year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

In 2001, A Local Montana Contractor Completed Nearly $6,000 Worth Of Work For Quist, But Had To File A Lien After Most Of The Bill Went Unpaid. "The oldest case involves Kraig Trippel, a Kalispell excavator who did $5,960 worth of work for Rob and Bonni Quist in the spring of 2001, but had to file a lien for payment after most of the bill went unpaid." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

  • According To The Contractor, Quist "Seemed To Want Special Treatment" And "Definitely Had A Sense Of Arrogance…" "The contractor told The Billings Gazette Friday the Quists hired him to excavate and landscape an area for a stage and dance floor behind their barn and that work had to be done quickly because the space was going to be put to use. … Trippel expected to be paid promptly. He said the Quists seemed to want special treatment. 'Both of them, they definitely had a sense of arrogance about them, because he was doing concerts and he was a singer and yada, yada, yada,' Trippel said." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

In 2010, The Quists Stopped Making Payments On An Almost $10,000 Debt Which Resulted In A Debt Service Suing The Quists For Collection. "Quist said the matter involved a credit card that he charged on during episodes of poor health. The couple still owed $9,994.19 on the card when the Quists stopped paying the bill in March 2010. Wells Fargo sold the debt to Security Credit Services LLC, which sued the Quists for payment in 2014." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

In 2011, When A Local Montana Court Ordered The Quists To Pay Over $1,000 To A Collector, The Quists Didn't Event Respond To The Court's Summons. "In 2011, Flathead County Justice Court ordered the Quists to pay $1,380.17 to Collection Bureau Services Inc., a debt collector in Missoula. The Quists were summoned to court, but didn't respond, according to the lawsuit's case history. Collection Bureau Services declined to discuss the debt when contacted by The Gazette last week." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

In 2013, Quist Was Sued By His Bandmate For " Breach Of Contract, Negligent Misrepresentation, Deceit And Fraud." "In 2013, the Quists were sued by Mission Mountain Wood Band bassist Steve Riddle. In the lawsuit, Riddle accused the Quists and unnamed others of using a legally dissolved corporation to produce the Mission Mountain Wood Band 'Private Stash' box set collection. It was 2012, The company used to produce the box set, Wood Band Music LLC, had been dissolved in 2007 with the understanding that it was never to produce further product. Riddle, in the lawsuit, said he learned of the 'Private Stash' box set two years after its production from Mission Mountain Wood Band's mastering engineer, Jeff Ader. Riddle had received no royalties. After failing to collect, he sued Quist for breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, deceit and fraud." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)

Quist Only Earned $14.96 In Royalties In The Year Leading Up To His Candidacy. "The candidate's best earning days are behind him. His financial records filed with the U.S. House show that Quist made $13,798 as a musician, including $14.96 in royalties in the 12 months leading up to his candidacy." (Tom Lutey, "Quist Has 16-year Debt Trail, Records Show," Billings Gazette , 3/25/17)


With Polls Showing Him Down 15 Points, National Democrats Are Unwilling To Gamble Much Money On Quist's Race

New Poll Shows Quist Is Losing By 15 Percentage Points To Republican Front Runner Greg Gianforte. "A new poll says Greg Gianforte is leading Rob Quist by 15 percentage points in the race for Montana's U.S. House seat. Emerson College conducted the survey last week. A representative sample of voters said they prefer the Republican candidate by a margin of 52 to 37 percent. It has a margin of error of 3.8 percent." (Eric Whitney, "Poll Shows Gianforte With Double Digit Lead In U.S. House Race," MTPR , 4/26/17)

So Far The DCCC Has Sent Just Under $200,000 To The Montana State Party To Help Quist. " The DCCC sent just under $200,000 to the state Democratic Party to help out. A DCCC aide said that the committee is 'working with the Quist campaign and watching it closely. We're excited about the energy and it's possible we'll invest more.' But the House Democratic committee, which recently went on the air in Georgia, is not airing TV ads pushing back against the barrage of spots from the NRCC and Congressional Leadership Fund. Overall, GOP groups have already spent over $2.2 million attacking Quist." (Elena Schneider, "Dems Withhold Cash From Montana Special Election," Politico , 4/28/17)

At A Campaign Event In April, Quist Called Out The DNC For "Being On The Sidelines Too Long." "Rob Quist surveyed his audience last week at an annual powwow of Montana's Native American tribes, a kaleidoscope of feathers, moccasins and beads, before turning his thoughts to a very different audience, far to the east: the national Democratic Party. 'They've been on the sidelines a little too long, and it's time for them to get in the game,' said Mr. Quist." (Jonathan Martin, "After Georgia's Close Race, Montana Democrats Demand Party's Attention," The New York Times , 4/19/17)


Rob Quist Performed Several Times As A Featured Performer At A Nudist Resort

On A Number Of Occasions, Rob Quist Traveled To Idaho To Preform At A Nudist Resort. "Musician Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate in Montana's at-large congressional race, performed a number of times over the years at a nudist resort in Idaho. Quist, a cowboy poet who is locally famous in his home state, was paid to perform at the Sun Meadow Resort in Idaho." (Jessica Estepa, "Yes, Montana Democrat Rob Quist Performed At A Nudist Resort," USA Today , 4/27/17)


In Regard To Gun Ownership, Quist Has Misled Followers On His Personal History

Rob Quist Says That He Comes From A Tradition Where Guns Are A "Way Of Life" For Young Men. "'I come from a ranching-farming tradition where guns are not only a way of life, but it's something every young man goes through. We learn how to operate weapons in a safe manner and with respect. We learn that bringing meat home is a time-honored tradition,' he said." (Troy Carter, "Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election," Bozeman Daily Chronicle , 1/22/17)

  • Quist Says He's Personally Been On Many Hunts That Have Provided Meals For Himself And His Family. "I've been on many hunts myself where I've brought home an elk that fed our family and that's an important thing for Montanans." (Troy Carter, "Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election," Bozeman Daily Chronicle , 1/22/17)

According To Montana Fish, Wildlife And Parks Records, Quist Has Not Held A Hunting Or Fishing License For At Least 16 Years. "Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks records show that Democrat Rob Quist hasn't had a hunting or fishing license for at least 16 years. Electronic records of hunting and fishing licenses begin in 2002." (Tom Lutey, "Hunting Records Of U.S. House Candidates Released," The Billings Gazette , 4/26/17)

In A Campaign Advertisement, Quist Yielded A Rifle And Said, "For Generations, This Old Rifle Has Protected My Family's Ranch." "Quist's response comes in the surprisingly robust tradition of ads that feature candidates shooting guns. In 'Defend,' Quist sets up a shot at a TV screen that's playing the ad in question. 'For generations, this old rifle has protected my family's ranch,' said Quist." (David Weigel, "To Deflect Gun Rights Criticism, Montana Democrat Shoots A TV," The Washington Post , 4/20/17)

Quist Has Questioned The Need Of Americans To Own Assault Rifles, And Has Considered Calling For Registering Guns With The Government. "But he believes that efforts to increase public safety are being derailed by gun manufacturers, questioning the need to own assault rifles. 'They're only meant to kill people,' he said. 'So maybe there should be some legislation to register those types of things." (Troy Carter, "Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election," Bozeman Daily Chronicle , 1/22/17)

Quist Held Campaign Rallies With Hollywood Actress, Alyssa Milano. "Quist's campus events included appearances by actress Alyssa Milano. Milano, known for her performances in 'Who's the Boss', 'Charmed', 'Melrose Place' and 'Commando' stumped for Quist at Montana State in Bozeman on Wednesday, and in Missoula on Thursday." (Eric Whitney and Edward O'Brien, "Rob Quist, Actress Alyssa Milano Campaign At UM, MSU," MTPR , 4/27/17)

In The Past, Alyssa Milano Tweeted That "Assault Rifles Need To Be Banned." (Alyssa Milano, Twitter Feed , 6/13/16)

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