Praise Pours In For President Trump's Rollout Of Judge Neil Gorsuch

- January 31, 2017

The Prime Time Announcement Of Judge Neil Gorsuch Was Called "Very Impressive," "How It's Supposed To Be Done," An "Awesome Event" And A "Success"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Praised The Trump Administration's Roll Out Of Judge Gorsuch's Nomination, Saying They Did "A Very Impressive Job." CNN'S WOLF BLITZER: "A very impressive introduction of Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee to the United States Supreme Court. We have lots to assess right now. I want to bring in some of the best legal and political minds. They'll be with us throughout this important hour. CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson, John King, Dana Bash, CNN Legal Analyst Joan Biskupic, and George Washington University Law Professor Jeffrey Rosin. Dana, you have to admit, they did an impressive job rolling out this nomination.'" (CNN's " Anderson Cooper 360 ," 01/31/17)

  • CNN's Dana Bash: "This Is How It's Supposed To Be Done. I Mean This Is Done To The T" With A "Flair Of The Dramatic." CNN'S DANA BASH: "This is how it's supposed to be done, I mean this is done to the T. Actually even more so than we've seen in the past. By inviting the leadership, the congressional leadership Republicans to the White House to do it in this flair of the dramatic, as he did. Walking down the cross hall, asking and then of course asking him to come up. But more importantly than the way it's done, it's what is done. A lot of times we would ask, why on earth would conservatives, you know really hard core conservatives, back somebody like Donald Trump, and work so hard for him? This is why. Because that is not the person Hillary Clinton if she were president would be putting on the bench, not even close. And be putting on the bench to replace somebody who, as he just said, the new nominee said was considered a lion and that is Antonin Scalia. I mean so much about this election was about jobs and the economy and America first, but also about this." BLITZER: "He is a conservative John, only 49 years old. If confirmed he'll serve on the United States Supreme Court for life, that's for decades to come, and he could have an enormous impact." CNN'S JOHN KING: "One of the reasons social and judicial conservatives, republicans in the Senate are so happy about this puck. This is a page turning moment for the President." (CNN's " Anderson Cooper 360 ," 01/31/17)

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CNN's John King: With Gorsuch's Nomination, The Trump White House "Proved They Were Ready And Rolled It Out Right." KING: "All the criticism in the early days of the trump administration little amateur hour, little keystone cops, don't have their team in place. They proved today they were ready for this. He started studying during the campaign with candidate Trump. They had a first list, then a second list. Now they roll out their judge tonight. Conservative groups going up with ads tomorrow against the ten red state democrats and states trump won. Senate seats. They put a very good team together to help on Capitol Hill. They brought in the republican leadership. They brought in outside conservative groups on this one. We'll see what happens on the vote. On this one they were ready and rolled it out right." (CNN's " Anderson Cooper 360," 03/17/16)

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NPR's Jessica Taylor: "The Run-Up To The Announcement Played Out With…Bravado And Suspense." "In typical Trump fashion, the run-up to the announcement played out with the typical bravado and suspense of a reality TV show - somewhat fitting for the former host of the The Apprentice. The White House chose a prime-time announcement instead of the usual nomination during the day." (Jessica Taylor, "President Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch To The Supreme Court," NPR , 1/31/17)

Variety 's Ted Johnson: The Primetime Announcement Had "Shades Of Reality, Drama, And Suspense." "President Trump selected Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to the Supreme Court, as both appeared at the White House in a primetime announcement that had shades of reality, drama, and suspense." (Ted Johnson, "Donald Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court Justice," Variety , 1/31/17)

US News & World Report 's David Catanese: " This Was A Tip Top Rollout For Trump. A Bit Of Suspense, But With The Decorum A #SCOTUS Pick Merits. Will Bring Rs Together. #Gorsuch" (David Catanese, Twitter Feed , 1/31/17)

NBC News' Bradd Jaffy: "Trump Kept Up The Suspense He Loves, Short/Well-Delivered Speeches, No Hitches. Prime Time Audience. Rollout Success." (Bradd Jaffy, Twitter Feed , 1/31/17)

Former Communications Director For Marco Rubio Alex Conant: "Very Impressed W/ @PressSec Strategy Tonight. Great Reveal Event, Followed By Making East Room A Spin Room For Ecstatic Senators On Live TV" (Alex Conant, Twitter Feed , 1/31/17)

National Review 's Rich Lowry: "Great Pick, Awesome Event, Important Day For The Constitution." (Rich Lowry, Twitter Feed , 1/31/17)

The Daily Beast's Matt K. Lewis: "Two Words: Trump Delivers." (Matt K. Lewis, Twitter Feed , 1/31/17)

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