Celebrating our Heroes for Military Appreciation Month

Team GOP - May 1, 2017

America’s military members represent the best our nation has to offer, and during the month of May we proudly salute the selflessness, loyalty, and valor of our men and women in uniform. It is because of their incredible sacrifice that we in the United States remain both a liberated people and a light for the world.

Just as our service members have put our nation first, President Trump is committed to putting our military first. After years of slashed military spending and a lack of investment and innovation in our national security apparatus, our military had become a shell of its former strength and renown. Now, thanks to the leadership of President Trump and Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, the U.S. Military is again receiving the respect, funding, and accolades it deserves. President Trump and Secretary Mattis are working on a budget that rebuilds our depleted military and ensures our men and women in uniform have the resources and equipment they need to defend our country. These budget provisions demonstrate President Trump’s unwavering commitment to our military, our nation’s safety, and promoting “peace through strength.”

President Trump is also committed to caring for our veterans, including signing an executive order to improve accountability at the VA. This measure will ensure that our heroes always have access to timely, high-quality medical care that meets their needs. Our veterans will never again receive sub-standard care or be treated as second-class citizens.

America is proud to stand with its loyal men and women in uniform—our sons, brothers, sisters, fathers, neighbors, friends, and heroes. It is thanks to their bravery that we live free from tyranny and oppression. God bless our military members and God bless the U.S.A.!

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